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A person with headphones on a computer, representing the importance of technical writing services.

Having a technical writer on your team allows your business to thrive in your specialty areas. But what exactly are technical writing services, and how can they assist in your operations?

What are Technical Writing Services?

Technical writing helps you succeed by providing your customers with a written guide to follow. This enables them to make the most out of your product. While they may utilize your product just fine independently, they will not take advantage of all that it offers without documentation.

Essentially, trained technical writers can simplify your product information for anyone to understand. Any representative from your company should understand even the most complex of your products. Technical writing services make that understanding more accessible.

Technical writing services allow your company to communicate data through:

  1. User Guides: These are informative documents that provide clear instructions, troubleshooting ideas, and essential information. The goal is a seamless user experience for your customers.
  2. Installation Guides: Installing a product or software is difficult without guidance. Installation guides serve to produce a successful installation experience for your user. They may include system specifications, hardware necessities, and other prerequisites for installation.
  3. Help Guides: These include training manuals for services and products. Help guides answer any questions regarding the process that you expect to be fulfilled. They can reinforce your values while maintaining a positive user experience.
  4. Technical Support Pages: Online tech support offers users instant assistance with troubleshooting and issue resolution. Investment in technical writing services with this emphasis means that your tech support will be realistic, each entry will be concise, and your page overall will be extensive.
  5. Product Documentation: This form of technical writing instructs both developers and customers on every step needed to utilize your product. Without it, no one will appreciate the full value of it.
  6. Documentation Management: Documentation, in the above forms, is a must for an efficient company but it takes effort. This in turn requires time and commitment. Mainly, this is because its labor includes standardization, vision control, and communication. A technical writer can streamline this process for you, allowing you to devote your energies elsewhere.

All this, and still technical writing services can provide you with more. In sum, both your company and your consumers would gain transparency by way of such services.

How Does Technical Writing Help Me? A person writing in a notebook with a laptop, representing the importance of technical writing services

Technical writing is highly beneficial for any company, for several reasons.

  1. Documentation allows for effective communication, translating complex concepts into understandable pieces. Clarity ensures accuracy and limits errors, valuable assets given that any project includes the input of multiple individuals.
  2. Plus, as aforementioned, technical writing documentation improves user experience. Guides, manuals, and support all provide the necessary information for the effective use of your product.
  3. Technical writing services can also reduce support costs. Comprehensive documentation can address common issues and difficulties without the assistance of live customer support. In this manner, time and money are both saved.
  4. For companies within highly regulated industries, technical writing reinforces company standards compliance. Potential penalties or legal entanglements are thus avoided.
  5. Time and effort are once again saved by technical writing, given that documentation provides a centralized knowledge base. Critical information is preserved and can be quickly and easily accessed by all project participants.

Why Hire a Trained Writer in Technical Writing Services?

EDC’s writers are specially trained to achieve these kinds of results via technical writing services. Once you request a service, a skilled technical writer is assigned to join your project. The knowledge of our technical writers allows them to provide the best support and documentation to fulfill your any request. They can work remotely and attend to your needs, with sensitivity to your timeline. Our demonstrated documentation abilities are sure to improve your product quality. In turn, higher customer satisfaction and potentially increased sales may follow.

Your job is to develop and deliver the best possible product. Ours is to supplement your product with the essential information needed for everyone to best make use of it.

Whether you need a single technical writer for a brief project or a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation, the quality of our work is guaranteed for you. Our clients work closely with an Engagement Manager from one of our 30 local offices for the entire length of your project at no additional cost. Contact us at (800) 221-0093 or to get started.


Written by Stanley Chu and edited by Margaret Foight.