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A woman speaking to a surgeon at a computer desk with brain X-Rays displaying on the monitors

“If you are going to run a business, the most important thing is to be aware of what you don’t know, and find someone who does know,” says former surgeon and current DICOM Director CEO Dr. Pearlstone. That is where Essential Data technical writer Jennifer Muller comes in.

DICOM Director is creating software that is, quite literally, the future of healthcare. DICOM Director’s medical imaging software creates 3D images from CT and MRI scans, turning them into holographic images viewable on AR and VR devices, which are incredibly useful pre-operational planning tools for physicians. The possibilities of this software’s capabilities are groundbreaking. Looking ahead, DICOM Director plans to develop interoperation software used in real-time during an operation, rather than solely as a pre-operational planning tool. Projects involving virtual learning and augmented reality are also in DICOM Director’s foreseeable future.

Essential Data’s technical writer, Jennifer Muller, has been instrumental in the DICOM Director’s success by developing the technical documentation needed to secure FDA approval, as well as writing grant proposals. Muller’s extensive background in engineering and biomechanical research has given her the unique capability to both understand the application of complex biomechanical concepts and the innate ability to write about these subjects in a way that is understandable for grant reviewers.

Bridging the Gap with a Technical Writer

DICOM Director’s enthusiastic CEO, Dr. David Pearlstone, is impressed by Muller’s unique skill sets as both an engineer and a writer. These two skill sets don’t often go hand in hand, making Muller’s knowledge and understanding of both all the more valuable.

Jennifer Muller works to bridge the gap between product engineers and the consumer. The grant reviewers or physicians. “A lot of people can use advanced technology, but not everyone can understand it,” said Muller. “There is utility in both, and by communicating ideas, we can foster more growth and collaboration,” said Muller.

Delegation: A Key to Success

As a former surgeon who also has a background in business, Dr. Pearlstone emphasizes that delegation is one of the most important tools for success in the business world. Dr. Pearlstone was candid about identifying a need for a technical writer and how instrumental the collaboration between him and Muller has been for overall company success, saying, “Find someone who does know, and get them on board.” Dr. Pearlstone is adamant about the need for leaders to possess the humility to identify weaknesses. Also, find the most suitable person for the task and delegate the task to that person.

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Written by Ariana Sweany