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Skills Gap Documentation

a person writing on a paper, representing skills gap documentation.

Making sure that all employees work to the best of their abilities is key to the success of a business. Through experience, long-time employees often know many useful tips and tricks for their positions, leading to company productivity benefits. However, if these pieces of knowledge are not documented by a technical writer, it is difficult for these lessons to be passed on to new employees, which leaves them to be lost forever. This inconsistency in knowledge between old and new employees is solved by employing technical writers to develop Skills Gap Documentation.

What is Skills Gap Documentation?

A skills gap occurs when a new employee lacks certain skills or knowledge necessary for their position. In many industries, it is very common for employees to “learn on the job,” meaning that there is a general understanding that it is difficult for an employee to enter a position knowing all relevant information. Providing workers with thorough documentation expedites this learning process. A technical writing team can create documentation that outlines useful things for employees to know, closing the Skills Gap and improving efficiency.

Benefits of Skills Gap Documentation

Providing employees with specific, well-documented instructions for their positions is an important first step to creating a healthy and efficient business. Employees will feel more comfortable and secure if they have the materials needed to learn how to best do their jobs. Some further benefits to Skills Gap Documentation are that it…

  • Preserves unique company and industry knowledge, streamlining company progress
  • Helps new employees become independent quicker
  • Provides more leadership opportunities for senior employees
  • Creates a more efficient business process
  • Eases entrance and learning curve for new employees
  • Highlights differences between positions, creating a clearer hierarchy within an organization

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Written by Jeffrey Pinsker-Smith