Biomedical Companies and Technical Writing: It’s a Match!

“A Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) survey found that a typical pharmaceutical company must, on average, manage a whopping 1250 SOPs with the average maintenance burden at 15,000 hours.” Tim Brennan, Technical Writing 101 for Biotech and Pharma Companies. That means that a team of 7 people, working full time, would be merely updating existing SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) […]
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How Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers Choose New Tech

The agriculture industry is one of the most rapidly changing large-scale industries in the world. As the threats of climate change and resource scarcity become more daunting, players in the industry have had to figure out ways to reduce their carbon, water, land, and other resource usage in order to mitigate future damages. It has become […]
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How Enterprise Technical Documentation Saves Time & Money

Large industrial manufacturers operate in extremely complex, high-stakes environments. These corporations often deal with multiple separate supply chains, manufacturing facilities, and branches of management, and it is imperative that all of these elements consistently come together in a seamless manner. Essential Data Corporation has had meaningful experiences working with world-class enterprise manufacturers. One such manufacturer […]
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Mortgage Originator

Businesses large and small often use in-house products that aid in productivity for the entire company. These in-house products could take the form of virtual software or physical hardware, and they are used in a wide variety of industries. When a company makes its own products, however, it is key that every step of the […]
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Medical Marijuana Certification

Emerging industries are experiencing rapid growth. The medical marijuana industry, in particular, is booming, as researchers are discovering new uses for medical cannabis nearly every day. However, medical marijuana, like all new industries, is subject to laws and regulations that can change quickly due to a patchwork of different laws across the country. Changes in […]
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EDC Has a Talent Pool of Qualified Technical Writers

No matter how big the company or the precise needs of the project, all organizations enjoy greater success when they employ a top-notch technical writing service to handle their technical writing needs. Companies may try to issue the writing of an instruction manual or user’s guide to the same team that developed the product, however, […]
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FinTech Technical Documentation – How EDC Made a Difference

The Financial Technology industry (known colloquially as FinTech) is simultaneously one of the fastest growing and most complex industries in the modern economy. As more and more of the economy dematerializes, the role technology plays in organizing and allocating money grows in size. Navigating this field can be daunting even for the industry’s largest players, as it is […]
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Technical Training Materials – How EDC Made a Difference

Changes in your company, such as growth in the company or the creation of a new department, can be exciting. However, these developments can cause some unwanted issues. Change in the operations, systems, and organizations – among other pieces – of the company creates the need for new training, as well as new respective training […]
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Website Content Services – How EDC Made a Difference

Website Content Services Having strong website content services and web presence is essential for your business to succeed these days. Creating engaging, informative content on your website increases brand awareness which leads to increased business. Indeed, the old axiom still holds true, “content is king,” and keeping your website current is a massive undertaking. Ensuring […]
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Technical Team Training Documentation – How EDC Helps

Launching a new product for your company is a thrilling, yet challenging, project. Your marketing team says the product has enormous growth potential, and engineers and quality assurance teams confirm that everything is in proper working order. The new product launches to great success, however, customers are constantly calling your customer service line for assistance […]
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E-Learning Start-Up – How EDC Made a Difference

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating and changed almost all daily routines, and strict quarantine rules put in place by governments have shed light on how critical remote work and education have become. Nearly a third of college students currently take classes remotely, and that number is sure to increase. Having an online portal where students […]
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What Our Customers Say

  • As Director of Human Resources for a newly independent manufacturing business with multiple locations, it is my responsibility to maintain comprehensive company policies that will provide clarity, inspire trust, and engage our workforce. The timing we identified to renew our policies was terrible because of the unexpected arrival of COVID-19 and the demands it placed on our business and my HR team. I knew I did not have the resources available that would enable us to standardize, wordsmith, and re-publish our formal policy documents in the expedited timeframe when we needed them the most.

    Thankfully, Charles Hensley, the Client Engagement Manager for Essential Data Corporation, had already proactively cultivated a relationship with CGS and had first-hand familiarity with the history of our company. I felt confident that Chuck knew the culture at Custom Glass Solutions well enough to select the best writer with the most relevant experience and skills to match with our requirements to ensure the very best results. He was able to successfully connect us with a very talented writer that has proved to be the perfect match for CGS! Bruce Frausto is a knowledgeable and gifted business journalist who was fully dedicated to the success of our project and graciously managed some interruptions on our end caused by COVID-19 and other business realities. Our initial collaboration with EDC has been so successful that we are expanding the scope of the project to include Bruce’s involvement in crafting our Code of Conduct.

    Essential Data Corporation has proven to be a valued business partner to CGS. I enthusiastically recommend EDC for anyone in need of these expert and unique business services!

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    Deana, Piekos
  • Essential Data’s thorough vetting process provides quality consultants. EDC’s engagement managers focus on delivering customized solutions and ensuring consultants add significant value to clients.

    Their consultative approach to solving business challenges makes it easy to work through complex issues to achieve improved operating efficiencies, reduce business risk or maximize revenues.

    We have been continually been impressed with EDC’s responsiveness, innovative thinking, and look forward to collaborating with them on future initiatives.

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    Erik Tomasi